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Strong Women In Medicine

Sep 28, 2022

In our current healthcare system, patients can sometimes spend half a day waiting to see one healthcare provider. And the average wait time in the United States to schedule a consultation can take anywhere from six to eight weeks. The long wait to see a provider can be stressful for families, can raise healthcare costs, and limit provider impact and satisfaction.

Kelsey Mellard realized that the system needs to be transformed through bigger, bolder changes. Kellsey is on a mission to revolutionize the system with Sitka - a virtual, value-based multi-specialty primary care network.  In this episode, Kellsey shares how Sitka started and how they are improving access and delivering healthcare across the nation through their partnerships with primary care providers. 

About Our Guest:

Kelsey P. Mellard is the CEO and Founder of Sitka, a virtual, value-based multi-specialty network that is expanding the scope of primary care. Kelsey has been a leader in healthcare innovation across companies within the healthcare, government, and technology industries.

Previously, Kelsey led Health System Integration for Honor, a technology-backed home care company. Prior to this, she led the development of the Post-Acute Care Center for Research, where she served as Executive Director. Earlier in her career, she also served in VP roles at naviHealth and UnitedHealth Group and she was on the initial team to establish the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

Kelsey sits on the board of Crossover Health and volunteers with the National Investment Center for Senior Housing (NIC) Board. During her free time, she enjoys the great outdoors with her partner George, son Dalman, and pup Arlo. 

Connect with Kelsey Mellard: